Vaudeville actress and singer, Minnie Brown. She was a member of the Williams & Walker Vaudevillian troupe. In 1920 she served as vice president for the National Association of Negro Musicians.
jaheartsjonas asked: Just wanted to say I love your tumblr and it (as well as the Blogspot blog People of Color in Classic Film) inspired me to make my @colorful_oldhollywood Instagram account which celebrates OH stars of color. Your blog and the other one inspired it, and the lack of pages dedicated to old Hollywood stars of color as well. The very first post explains everything, it's of Anna May Wong. Keep doing what you are doing!

Thank you very, very much! We truly appreciate it!

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Lola Falana Tries Singing - Jet Magazine, March 19, 1964 on Flickr.

aretha franklin
Ruby Dee | October 27, 1922 – June 11, 2014
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Classical Allure is a fan-made tumblr showcasing vintage performers of color in all their glory.

The tumblr is run by michonnesisitscary, and ryners. More [here].

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